Developing Niche- Biomimetics

Developing QKE Niche – Biomimetics

Biomimetics means the process of comprehending and applying biological principles to man-made design.

Functionality (multi-functionality) of materials & surfaces found in nature involves a complex interplay between the surface structure & morphology and tuning physical, chemical, & biological properties.

It is QKE’s intent to Identify, Develop, and Demonstrate innovative solution options leveraging QKE’s Focus Areas of:

  • Mobility – various biomimetic platforms (ex. insect, bird, fish body-forms)
  • Manipulation – (ex. segments, appendages – legs)
  • Power – various power systems (ex. Li-ion batteries, laser power sources)
  • Cognition – artificial intelligence (ex. vision, aural)

Bio-Inspired Micro-Autonomous Unmanned Systems

Perform research in autonomous behaviors, micro-mechanical systems, micro-sensors, and micro-autonomous air, ground and underwater systems integration.


Bio-Inspired Micro-Autonomous Unmanned Systems



Bio-Engineered Systems:

  • Bio-Sensors/Materials
  • Microbial Fuel Cells
  • Bio-Robotics
  • Human-Autonomy Systems
  • Bio-Mechanics