Guiding Principles

We have developed our company and lead our business with the following values:


Display the unequivocal honesty that reveals


Exhibit the purposeful enthusiasm that indicates


Set and strive toward the high standards that signify


Honor the dignity and worth of each person to demonstrate


These values are central to our service promise, to our staff, clients and other stakeholders and separate QKE from our competition.

Intellectual curiosity

We promote a culture of technical inquisitiveness by encouraging continuous learning among our employees. It is in our corporate culture to pursue new ideas, concepts and services to the benefit of the clients for their project development. Intellectual curiosity gives our work the innovative spark our clients want and the reason why they engage QKE on their assignments.


At QKE we believe the best solutions come from working together. We promote effective teamwork by maintaining direct lines of communication with our engineers, management and clients, embracing cultural diversity at QKE and client locations.

We support our engineers with their personal and professional development to build our teams for the long term business success.


  • People – We bring an entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork to everything we do.
  • Customer Service – We partner for quality results meeting or exceeding shared expectations.
  • Innovation – Unique solutions encompassing process, product, and technology.
  • Integrity – Displayed through a culture of trust, respect, and honesty.
  • Quality – In our people, processes, and products.



  • Be the research and development “eyes and ears” for Unmanned Systems/Robotics solutions
  • Identify opportunities to improve unmanned systems/robotics performance as well as to reduce cost and risk
  • Identify emerging technologies and advanced concepts for investment opportunities and/or potential applications
  • Leverage existing and future resources as well as emerging technologies to field unmanned systems/robotics cooperative operations capabilities for client support
  • Develop innovative unmanned systems/robotics new sources & methods to stay ahead of adversaries, counter denial & deception (D&D), and the prosecution of hard targets



Quest Knight Enterprises (QKE), is a small business, headquartered in Leesburg, Virginia.  Founded in 2009, QKE provides unmanned systems/robotics services to Government and Industry clients.

QKE’s two technical divisions, National Security Division, providing support services to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the U.S. Intelligence Community and our Oil & Gas Division providing support services to the Oil & Gas industry to include Marine services, provide multi-disciplinary, problem-solving services to research and development and physical sciences projects for Government and Industry.

QKE’s two technical divisions cooperate in multi-disciplinary approaches to problem solving.  A partial listing of research areas includes:

  • Advanced light manufacturing
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Autonomous control sensors and software….there’s more

From concept development through to delivered solution and follow-on support, QKE will partner with your organization in a variety of capacities. Our multi-disciplined teams of engineers and scientists and collaborative environment inspire the cross-fertilization of ideas necessary for true innovation.