Quest Knight Enterprises’ “SCARAB WORKSTM

The “SCARAB WORKSTM” is not just another industry lab…

Inside of the ScarabWorks – what makes us tick?


We’re a capabilities-focused, customer-driven, combination of seasoned full-time Industry, Government, and Academia experienced unmanned systems designers/operators, roboticists, scientists, mission analysts, end users, program managers and support staff, merging innovative cutting-edge, academic research with deep engineering “know-how” shaping future programs of record critical to National Security.  We solve real-world problems by applying leading edge technologies to the areas of unmanned systems and robotics.  Throughout this process, we focus on customer requirements, milestones and performance goals.  We continually strive for high impact solutions leading to new capabilities for our clients and new commercial products.

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QKE brings together the best minds in unmanned systems/robotics to tackle our customer’s toughest problems. We brainstorm, prototype and experiment quickly to focus downstream development. To cross over terrain with the speed and agility to keep up with human warfighters
Our engineers and scientists apply tailored systems engineering practices to meet performance, schedule and cost targets. We engineer our systems to support comprehensive operational testing To interact with the environment and perform real work
QKE has the facility, equipment and skilled staff to assemble and maintain our systems. We can lead large integration projects with multiple customers, subcontractors and product suppliers. With emphasis on light weight, compact size, increased operating duration, increased battery life
We can test early, often and in realistic conditions. We can push our systems hard-often to the point of failure to quickly identify performance and reliability limits that drive the next engineering cycle. Including perception, understanding the environment, where obstacles and objects are, where other robots and humans are, and the ability to navigate, vision, tactile, proximity, artificial intelligence


Quest Knight Enterprises’ “SCARAB WORKSTM” helping our customers focus on:

“Connecting Mission, Concepts & Technology”

QKE’ SCARAB Works is a three-phased, multi-year effort in building our Rapid Prototyping Capability.

With Phase I now complete, this gives QKE the capability to provide the following types of software development services in developing unmanned systems/robotics:

  • Algorithm Engineering
  • Mechanical Design
  • Control Design
  • Software Design

These capabilities, now coupled with 3-D Scanning and 3-D Printing allow QKE to deliver  a myriad of small, multi-color Rapid Prototyping Products:

  • 3-D Scanning
    • Objects with dimensions of 12″ x 12″ x 12″
  • 3-D Printing
    • Objects with dimensions of 12″ x 12″ x 12″
    • In two colors

QKE’s SCARAB Works Capabilities